Have You Been Charged with Domestic Violence?

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Domestic violence is one of the most commonly charged crimes, and the one category where getting your facts in front of a prosecutor early is most effective. Domestic violence is technically categorized as any violence against any two people who have ever dated, lived together, had a sexual relationship, or had a child together. The accuser and the defendant do not have to currently be in a relationship for a domestic violence charge to be filed.

Alexandra has, on many occasions, contacted the prosecutor in a case, and explained her client’s side of the story, and secured a “DA Reject” for her client. Often times, wrongfully accused clients are actually defending themselves against a jealous partner, and have no choice but to raise their hands to keep themselves safe. Other times, clients in terrible custody fights find themselves fighting against completely untrue accusations, meant to hurt them in divorce or child custody proceedings.

Domestic violence charges can alter your future; trust an experienced domestic violence lawyer in Whittier & Los Angeles, CA with your case

Whatever the case may be, Alexandra has defended clients against all accusations of domestic violence, spousal battery or spousal abuse, in particular:

Penal Code 243(e)(1) Domestic Battery
Penal Code 273a Child Endangerment
Penal Code 273d Child Abuse
Penal Code 273.5 Corporal Injury to a Spouse or Cohabitant