Satisfied Clients: Lauren K.

I consider myself VERY lucky to have come across attorney Alexandra Kazarian.

While seeking out some legal advice, I was contacted by a number of lawyers and Alexandra happened to be one of them. To start, Alexandra calmed me down and put me at ease. she was patient during my times of panic ((there were many)) and was incredibly reassuring. Our initial conversation was amazing. She wasn't the first or last attorney I spoke to, but she was certainly the best.

Alexandra was very straight forward and to the point, which honestly made me feel more comfortable with her than with anyone else. I got the vibes from other attorneys that they were trying to scare me into hiring them. there was NONE of that here! She told me plain and simple the benefits of me hiring a private attorney in general and never once did I feel any pressure to hire her. THIS WAS A HUGE PLUS IN MY BOOK! She cared more about me being WELL-INFORMED than pressuring me into forking over a retainer.

She did tell me her retainer fee, and even though I told her that I'd likely go the route of getting a public defender, she still invited me to contact her if i had any more questions !!! Have you HEARD of any attorney being this KIND and CARING!? ((other lawyers that i spoke to basically shut the door when they thought that I wasn't going to hire them, and while I don't blame them, the fact that Alexandra still offered to answer my questions just goes to show how incredible of a PERSON she is!))

I was able to email her any questions i had and she provided a timely response, even calling me to speak with me in a moment of uncertainty.

But let's be real here, this IS her career. She was able to ADVISE me as much as possible without getting too involved in my situation. But i know EXACTLY who I'm going to should I need a private attorney.

I can't stop singing her praises to my friends and family. This woman is truly a blessing and I don't know what I would have done without her. Her legal expertise is impressive in itself, but her care and compassion is really what sets her far apart from others.

Client Reviews

We came to Alexandra when we were in a tight spot, and needed help. Her professionalism and experience are why we hired her initially, but her compassion and care are why we ALWAYS will. Alex went above and beyond the call of duty, and made one of the scariest times in our lives bearable. She’s the ace you want up your sleeve.

My family was hit with a tragic situation over the Memorial Day holiday last year. We needed help and didn’t know where to turn to. That’s when we sought out an attorney and came upon Alexandra. She’s a godsend. The legal process was so confusing to us, but Alexandra made it so much easier to understand. She got us out of our situation successfully. She’s more than an attorney, she’s a life-line!

Alex is an amazing lawyer, I couldn’t say enough about her. She’ll definitely take the time to take care of you, and make sure you understand what’s happening in your case. I needed a lawyer for a family member and out of everyone we interviewed, she was by far the best, and we’re all so glad we chose to go with her. You’re definitely making the right decision by hiring Alex as your attorney.

If you need a lawyer Alexandra is the one to see. She is very knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend her for any legal needs you have.

She was professional, effective, expedient, and made herself available when I needed immediate action. Her trial experience was crucial in settling our case quickly.