Get the Representation You Need for Your Case

Get the Representation You Need for Your Case

Work with a sex crime attorney in Whittier and Los Angeles, California

Sex crimes are another area of the law that prosecutors, judges and juries do not take lightly. An overblown or false criminal sexual accusation can lead to a conviction that can completely ruin lives. Some charges carry mandatory California state prison sentences, some can lead to a defendant being ostracized from the community, and some convictions include having to register for life as a sex offender.

As serious as these accusations are, a shocking amount of people are falsely accused of sex crimes they did not commit. The most common categories where innocent people can find themselves accused of sex crimes include date rape, lewd acts with a child, and sexual assault. An accusation of a sex crime amazingly does NOT have to come with any sort of DNA evidence.

While a solid, thorough sexual crimes defense is very complicated, Alexandra starts with scrutinizing the accuser's story and background. We look to see if the accuser has a history of telling lies, or a bias against our client. We independently investigate the case with our own private detectives and forensic experts, and work together to uncover flaws in the allegations, or motives to lie. Often times we can get charges reduced or dismissed, or secure an acquittal at trial.

Need an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you?

The Law Office of Alexandra Kazarian can help you defend yourself when you’re dealing with any type of sex crimes charges. Alexandra has represented clients accused of many kinds of sex crimes charges, including:

Penal Code 243.4 Sexual Battery

Penal Code 261.5 Statutory Rape

Penal Code 288 Lewd Acts with a Child

Penal Code 290 Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

Penal Code 311: Child Pornography

Penal Code 314 Indecent Exposure

Penal Code 647(a) Lewd Conduct in Public

Penal Code 647(b) Prostitution Solicitation

Alexandra Kazarian is not afraid to go to trial in Whittier, CA!

Some lawyers will settle for a plea deal that isn’t in their client’s best interest, but not Alexandra Kazarian. Attorney Kazarian will aggressively fight for you to make sure that you receive the best possible result. She will interview everyone involved in your case, argue your case in court if it goes to trial and negotiate for lesser charges or penalties. Your case will receive the attention it deserves when The Law Office of Alexandra Kazarian is handling it.

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