About Alexandra Kazarian

About Alexandra Kazarian

Whitter & Los Angeles, California's trusted criminal defense attorney

As an Attorney for the Los Angeles County Public Defender's Office, Kazarian handled hundreds of serious criminal cases each month, dealing with issues ranging from, but not limited to new filings, preliminary hearings, bail hearings, pretrial status conferences, trial preparation and investigation, presentation of mitigation, motions for dismissal, suppression motions, appointment and consultation with various defense experts, court trial, jury trial, jury selection, sentencing, and various probation issues and expungements.

Alexandra Kazarian is well known for her aggressive representation of clients and extensive experience as a trial lawyer. Alexandra handles White Collar Fraud cases, Theft Related Crimes, Expungements, Drug Offenses, Juvenile Crimes, Domestic Violence , Lewd Conduct, and Arson cases throughout Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and Orange County. She tries most of her cases in the Norwalk Courthouse in Norwalk, CA, as well as the Downtown LA Criminal Courts Building.

Throughout her practice, she has defended clients in over 35 Criminal Jury Trials against charges including municipal code violations, battery, domestic violence, drug possession, drug sales, prostitution, child abuse, assault, robbery, robbery with gang enhancements, DUI, DUI with injury, sexual battery, and murder.

Alexandra defends clients against any and all possible misdemeanor and felony charges. ​​If you need a felony attorney, misdemeanor attorney, or expungement lawyer, please contact The Law Office of Alexandra Kazarian today.